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JAMB EXAM ANSWERS | cbt runs answers – 2019

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Here Is How To Write Every JAMB CBT Examination.

N/B: This particular guide includes procedures with images of using the computer in answering Jamb questions during the JAMB CBT Examination.

Please take a very nice look at the images below and note all the labeling done in the pictures.
Below is a sample screenshot of JAMB CBT Exam Screen when you are set to write Jamb CBT Exam.

JAMB EXAM ANSWERS | cbt runs answers

Make very sure you study the photo above very carefully and gently because it displays the hypothetical examination testing portal for JAMB Comp. Based Tests.

On Clicking on the pictures above, you will see that the picture highlights several clickable buttons which circles round most important texts, I will give more explanation on what they stand for and you will get full knowledge of all of them.

Full Guidelines on JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorials.

JAMB EXAM ANSWERS | cbt runs answers

Step one: You are to go to your Exam center on time, this will make you know what is actually going on, and be fully ready for the examination you are about to sit13. You don’t want to come early, you will be sweating like a he-Goat ?? JAMB EXAM ANSWERS.

Step two: Since you have seen clearly the JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial online Panel figure (above graphic), you can move through the diff. functional clickable buttons and areas, & these includes the followings:

  1. You Jamb Subject area: this is where the JAMB CBT subject taken is located in your screen.
  2. The Time (duration): this is the count-down time for the JAMB examination
  3. Time Left: Remaining time you have for the examination.
  4. Is advisable that all candidates sitting for the cbt exam, to check the time exhausted and time remaining to be able to answer all QUESTIONS of the exams on time, been fully aware of the remaining time will help you answer questions more faster and know that your time is limited for the examJAMB. This will move you to do what you are expected to do within the time range — Write!
  5. CBT Instruction area: In This place, candidates can go and check the instructions regarding the exam.

Basic Uses of Computer Mouse When ANSWERING JAMB CBT Questions

jamb-cbt-basic-use-of-mouse | JAMB EXAM ANSWERS

  • Please Make Sure that you put the heel of your hand on the table in front (before) of the mouse in use and hold the Comp. mouse between your thumb and the right ring fingers.
  • Ensure you put your right index finger on the left mouse button (for left clicking).
  • And also, you you must navigate the tip of the arrow onto the underlined twoAnswers. The arrow will become a pointing finger (pointer) on the computer screen.
  • Also, You should note that the arrow automatically turns to a pointing finger, to answer the questions, please simply hold the mouse still and lightly click the left mouse button with your right index finger or any finger that works best for you depending on your best working finger.

Understanding how to use the mouse will go an extra mile in helping you to answer your questions faster and complete the examination before the time given to you get exhausted!

To answer the Cbt Exam questions Very correctly, you are required to slide the Electronic-mouse to the running mouseB13. Slide the mouse sideways in your computer screen13. Don’t turn it… Then, click on the running mouse on the screen.

Radio Buttons: What Are Radio Buttons and what they represent?

The circles you are seeing below are called radio buttons and are always used in computer Based examinations, also implemented in JAMB CBT questions.

With a MOUSE, click the below radio buttons as examples. The buttons will be used as illustrated in the exams panel above to select the correct answers.

You can click on any of these 3 circles (buttons) below to see how they work.

Button 1     Button 2    Button 3


How Do I Choose the Correct Answers Using the radio button?

More often, the questions which comes out in the CBT are in the multi-choice format17:30. Which is also known as the ‘multi Choice Question (obj)’.

All candidates who are writing the JAMB CBT examination, will be expected to pick the correct answers among the multiple answers.

Now you can see the example on how the multi choice question works.

When writing the exam, something that looks like the question below, will show on your screen:

Example:  Solve for y.

if y – 2 + 3y = 10

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3
E. 2

You can select one of the best answers (that is the one you may think is the correct one) by: Pressing the letter on the keyboard you are using,
After that, you can then click on the radio button with a mouse, or Use the Tab Key on the keyboard (see the tab key image below) to move through the options and then pressing the space-bar to select an option.

 cbt runs answers | alt Key

note this now, only one radio button can be “on” at same time, you can’t select two answers on a question at the same time.

For you to proceed to the next page of questions, click on the Next Nav. button which is located under each questions on the screen.

After choosing the correct answer to the question, to save time, Just proceed and click the NEXT button to go to see the next question until you are through with every questions you are to answer.

N/B: Please note that you can still skip any question which you are not familiar with at that time, or you don’t know the answer to13. You still have the option/chance of answering the question if time permits you!





Thank you for reading this post till the end.

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